Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you teach?

I teach beginners upwards, helping students of all abilities develop their piano playing.

What ages do you teach?

All ages from aged 5 upwards. I have quite a few adults who want to revisit the piano after giving up as children, as well as adults interested in starting to play the piano for the first time.

Where do you teach?

I teach all of my piano lessons from my home studio on Helen Road, OX2 0DE, almost in the heart of Oxford and just seven minutes walk from the train station. It is the perfect place to learn to play the piano, in a calm relaxed environment and a great electric piano to learn to play on. Click on the map below to bring up my rough location on Google Maps. My exact address will be provided upon booking your first lesson.

Piano Lessons Oxford Map

What times can we hold our lessons?

I am always flexible but my lessons slots get booked quite fast, so getting yourself booked in early is a great idea.

Do I need a piano?

Beginners can start on a keyboard but you’ll find that you will advance quickly and the need for a piano or Clavinova type of piano will be required. They have weighted keys, which is important to improve one’s technique.

I don’t want to do exams, can I just play for fun?

Absolutely. Tinkling on the ivories is a fantastic hobby and a lot of fun!

What sort of music do you teach?

Classical, songs and light jazz.

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